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DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol Used To Clear Coat Wooden Steering Wheel

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DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is an excellent clear coat to go over sealed wood. DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is very easy to apply achieving professional looking results. DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol creates a durable finish that withstands all sorts of abuse without chipping, cracking, or peeling making it ideal to apply in some of the toughest environments.


“The original finish was a furniture lacquer that only lasted about two years before getting sticky and unable to clean. I removed the old finish by first scraping because it fouled the sandpaper very quickly. I then sanded the wood down to 320 grit. I applied 3 coats of DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol using 4 passes each time. With 24hr drying. Then sanded each with 320 grit. I then applied 3 coats about 20 minutes apart and let it cure for 48+hrs. Then wet sanded with 320, 400,600, 800, 1000, 1500. Then hand buffed to final shine. I am very happy with the results and everyone in shows and cruises is amazed at the finish.” -Ed M.


2021-08-24 DF Clear - Steering Wheel.jpg

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