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DiamondFinish Clear is one of the most versatile clear coats on the market. DiamondFinish Clear is an ideal clear coat for restoring any painted wood surfaces including pinball machines because DiamondFinish Clear permanently bonds to the finish on the wood and adds gloss, durability and protection from the steel pinballs beating and banging on the surface.


DiamondFinish Clear can also be used to seal and clear coat bare wood surfaces. The key to sealing a bare wood surface is thinning DiamondFinish Clear 30-50% with KBS #1 Thinner. This initial thinned out coat of DiamondFinish Clear allows the DiamondFinish Clear to really sink into the porous surface of the wood and adhere really well versus just sitting on the surface of the wood. After the initial thinned down coat of DiamondFinish Clear, DiamondFinish Clear is applied in nice thin coats.


Check out the restored pinball machine below using DiamondFinish Clear.



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