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Automotive Undercoat From KBS Coatings Protects Against Rust and Noise

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This video describes the use of KBS Coatings Undercoats to protect cars and trucks from rust.



The KBS UnderCoat product line can be used to protect the undersides of a vehicle from being damaged by debris and rust, as well as act as a sound deadener to reduce noise transmitted into the vehicle.


Rust often ends the life of vehicles. Road salt collected moisture and other factors can contribute to rust developing and eating away at metal. Rust not only looks bad but can be a danger. Weakening metal and making vehicles unsafe.


To remain rust free, metal surfaces of the underside of the vehicle need to be separated from corrosion causing elements. Automotive undercoat provides a protective layer that keeps debris from scratching metal and possibly creating the potential for rust. Automotive undercoat also provides sound deadening properties and reduces or eliminates the sound of gravel and debris pinging off the underside of the vehicle.


KBS Undercoat line provides protection for wheel wells, gas tanks, frames, and floor pans. KBS UnderCoat produces a very tough, yet flexible film with excellent adhesion, and helps prevent road salt from eating away at your car's metal and fiberglass. All KBS UnderCoats offer excellent adhesion to metal or painted surfaces and come in a matte black finish.


The KBS UnderCoat product line consists of three different formulations to meet different requirements. (all products group shot). Solvent-based asphalt undercoating, solvent-based rubberized undercoating, and VOC friendly Water-Based Asphalt undercoat.


Use of Solvent-Based Asphalt Undercoat is a personal preference: Some people believe Asphalt-Based is best, saying it has superior longevity. Others prefer Solvent-Based Rubberized UnderCoat.


With Solvent-Based Rubberized UnderCoat, rubber is used in the formulation rather than asphalt. This type of undercoating can be painted over and has a smoother texture than asphalt based. While Asphalt-Based UnderCoat cannot.  Some people feel the somewhat smoother texture is easier to clean.


VOC friendly Water-Based Asphalt UnderCoat is available for professionals and for those in areas that must adhere to strict VOC requirements. Water-Based Asphalt has the same performance as Solvent-Based Asphalt but takes a little longer to cure than Solvent-Based.


At KBS Coatings we are rust removal and prevention experts. KBS Coatings specializes in not only protecting metal from the initial development of rust, but has high-performance systems to remove rust, prepare the metal and then encapsulate it from harmful elements with high-quality coatings.

As part of the automotive undercoat application process we first recommend properly prepping the metal surfaces and then applying KBS RustSeal. RustSeal is a rust preventative paint that chemically bonds to metal to form a flexible yet rock-hard, and non-porous barrier that will not crack, chip or peel. This will thoroughly seal metal away from moisture before undercoating is applied. This system of RustSeal and KBS UnderCoats provide ultimate protection.


KBS UnderCoats are applied with a Shutz gun with a large orifice which allows you to adjust pressure and dictate the amount of texture. The quart-sized can be directly attached to the spray gun. One gallon and larger containers are available as well.


KBS UnderCoats are a great way to protect the undersides of a vehicle from being damaged by debris and rust, as well as act as a sound deadener to reduce noise transmitted into the vehicle.

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