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“I am a 42 y/o female who have never painted a vehicle before but after receiving prices over $10,000 for what I wanted, I did it myself with a little help from my husband. I used it on my YJ Jeep using a chameleon paint powder which was green/blue/purple. My husband bought me a spray gun for the air compressor and after wet sanding, primer and black base coats I used KBS clear gloss and added my chameleon powder and as I begin to spray you could see the color changing flake pop. The gloss sprayed very smooth which made it very easy for me. I did reduce to 70/30. Over all, after six month of research I am totally happy I went with KBS clear gloss. It looks wet after it's dry and very easy to apply, make sure not to over spray.”
-Lady 4X4 in Michigan


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