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3 Step Chassis Coating Kit - question on applying


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I shall be using your 3 Step Chassis coating kit on a race car we're restoring. more specifically we would like to use the KBS 3 Step kit around bits of the roll cage where theres light surface rust etc as it was never sprayed because the gun could not get into these tight spaces.

could you give me some tips on how i could go about applying the KBS seal to these parts? the paint is not flaking, just where it starts turning into overspray to bare metal that has surface rust.. how would i go about cleaning that and prepping for the seal??? would i need to sand it down first?

is there any negatives if the aquakleen or rust blast dries or if it doesnt get washed with water?

also because this is inside the car i cant hose it down, how can i wash the aquakleen and rustblast??



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