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Motorcycle frame


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I'm restoring a motorcycle that I think had a factory powder coated frame. I had planned to get the frame and several brackets sandblasted and powder coated, but now I'm wondering if the KBS Chassis Coater kit plus a Topcoat might produce similar results. It would save me some money and reduce the amount of work required in masking every threaded hole, plus I get that DIY satisfaction.

What do you think? PS, I will be using the KBS Motorcycle Tank Sealer kit on the tank as well...

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I know of several people that have used the Chassis Coater Kit and a top coat of Blacktop on motorcycle frames and trailing arms. It would still be a good idea however to have the frame sand, or media blasted to remove all traces of factory paint or powder coat RustSeal will do a much better job if bonded to bare metal. Also You may still want to cover threaded holes with small rubber corks from the hardware store (about $.25 a pc) RustSeal and BlackTop is tough stuff, you may find yourself retapping threaded holes.

The best thing about painting your frame with RustsealBlackTop, if it does pick up a few chips over time you can repair it. Good Luck repairing Powder Coating.

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I happened to be in an auto paint supplier yesterday and was talking to the proprietor and another guy who has restored a few bikes, and they convinced me that this approach would be better than powder coating for the same reason you mentioned - you can't repair it.

Yes, the frame will be sand blasted. That was always my plan. I've ordered what I need from KBS and I'm looking forward to the job!

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