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Three part sealant in new gas tank.


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I have used the three part sealent and have read the directions completely and followed them to the tee. I let it sit for six days and then placed some gas in my tank and all I got from my bike was popping and high rev. I got rid of the old gas in the tank then flushed it out with water at least 5 times then let sit out in the sun for a day then when I went back later I rolled the tank around to make sure there was no water left in the tank and I got a shinny goldish color with drops of water out of the tank. I dont know what else to do I have flushed this tank so many times I dont know what is the cause or where this is coming from. This is also a brand new tank and had no leaks to begin with but I thought why take a chance. Please help... :cry:

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