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holes in automotive steel

KBS Coatings

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I am going to be using this to fill a couple small holes in some automotive steel. The holes, as you might expect, are as a result of Rust. I bought the sampler kit (aquaclean, rust blast, rust seal) as well as the NuMetal epoxy for filling. I've cleaned debris/loose paint and rust particles from the area. I've aqua cleaned the area and am about to apply rust blast. However, since I want to paint over the NuMetal, should I wait in my application of Rust Seal until after I have filled the holes with NuMetal or should I paint with Rust Seal, apply NuMetal and paint with Rust Seal again?

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On 1/24/2008 at 9:34 AM, KBS Coatings said:

You will want to use the RustSeal directly on the metal - one coat. Then fill with the NuMetal. Once the NuMetal has dried, apply another coat of RustSeal.


It is important for the RustSeal to go directly on the metal to prevent rust.

Your forum says to apply 3 steps to outside of gas tank BEFORE applying numetal to any areas needing numetal.  This allows rustseal to block any further rusting below the epoxy numetal.  The numetal will adhere to the cured rustseal, while the rustseal will seal the kleened, and rustblasts prepared gas tank steel,

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