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hold up to weather -- not chip

KBS Coatings

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I am looking to do the insides of my 70 Blazer (bedside walls, floor, kickpanels, rocker panels) and was wondering if the Blacktop coating is self leveling or will it leave brush marks? Would the Pre-Val sprayers you offer work for Blacktop, and if so, will it look better than using a brush?

I am looking to also use this on my rollbar inside and also my pushbar and tire carrier on the outside of my truck, will this product hold up in the weather and not chip or fade? I will be using the Blacktop coating on top of the RustSeal on this entire project. Thanks for your help.

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The BlackTop is self-leveling. The brush marks will flow out.

Note: Please make sure you apply in low to average humidity conditions as high humidity will cause the BlackTop to cure quickly and will not allow the brush marks to flow out quite as well.

You can use the Pre-Val with the BlackTop. If you have never used a Pre-Val before, I would suggest doing some testing with it to get used to how it sprays before using it on your project. Thin the BlackTop 10% if spraying with a Pre-Val.

The BlackTop will not fade or chip. You will be very happy with the results that you will get by using BlackTop on top of RustSeal for your project.

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