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few questions

KBS Coatings

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Ok, We had a warm day so I applied first coat. I was a little concerned because I had very little white residue from the rustblast. The metal had very little surface rust, and had been wire brushed with a grinder, I kept it wet for 30 min instead of just 10 like the instructions said, I then washed it very good with fresh water. When I applied the first coat several 1/8 spots came thru the coatings, as if it didn't adhere in this area. They seemed to cover with the second coat, what caused these spots so I can avoid them in the future? Also how well does the rustblast have to be washed off? I have a frame in my basement that needs coatings but I can't move outside. Can we use a squirt bottle with fresh water?

Last ? I coated the rear diff, am I going to have problems when I try and remove the cover and the bolts that hold it on? Any ideas of what can be done now? Maybe a razor blade to go around the edge?

The product looks awesome, I am very pleased with the way it came out.

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