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Issue on ceramic mugs


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I have coated mugs successfully with DCC, but as of late I have had 9 come back with damage from the dishwasher/microwave. 


1. Sand mug with 220 grit 

2. Wash with dawn and air dry 

3. Clean with isopropyl 91% - air dry

4. Paint with alcohol inks and isopropyl 91%

5. Dry 18 to 24 hours min

6. Spray 3 coats of kamar varnish

7. Gas off minimum 24 hours

8. Coat with 2 to 3 coats of DCC.


I'm at a loss why these are suddenly failing.


Screenshot_20211003-174007_Sell on Etsy.jpg

Screenshot_20211003-173851_Sell on Etsy.jpg

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We have never tested DiamondFinish Clear in a microwave, but we have never had problems with the top rack on a dishwasher only if the DiamondFinish Clear is fully cured at least seven days and the DiamondFinish Clear was applied in thin and not heavy coats.


Can you pin down for us the cause ... dishwasher top rack or microwave?

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The micro-bubbles are an indication that the clear coat was still trying to cure, and the packaging caused the full cure not to happen. You can avoid this by allowing the surface to cure before packaging and you can speed up the cure by adding humidity to the environment after the initial flash off.

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