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Rust Blast for Cleaning Tank


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Cleaning and Rusty gas tank in a 1930 Chevrolet. I have used other KBS Products on my restoration so looking here first for a solution.


plan to remove the tank, clean it out with KBS Clean and then use the Rust Blast to clean and remove the rust inside. then rinse with water as always.


question is can i then use the tank as is with OUT a coating/liner ?? not really keen on using a liner in a gas tank. my concern is flash rust or rust returning in general ?? not sure if the zinc phosphate coating would be a good protector with the gasoline/ethanol blends.


open to options 




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If you plan to keep the tank full of fuel all of the time or you live in a dessert (no humidity), then you may not get condensation in your tank.


For most people, they will have condensation in their tank which causes rust over time.


That said, it is always a good idea to finish the KBS 3 Step Tank Sealer System by using the Gas Tank Sealer to prevent rust. The light dusting of zinc phosphate left behind when RustBlast is rinsed will provide some temporary rust protection but is not designed for long term rust protection.


Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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good point, i live in a higher humidity climate and close to the coast less than an hour.


always skeptical on tank sealers/liners heard nothing but bad stories and issue with separation and such. I am not a pro but pretty handy and would have to seal all threads and ports as not to get them coated or plugged up.

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We offered very detailed directions. Separation is cause by poor surface preparation. As long as you spend the time and do the surface preparation correct (Steps #1 and #2), you will not have that issue.


You can grease the threads and use pipe cleaners to keep the lines and ports open.


Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

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great, I did step one then step two, when doing step 2 about 95 of the surface was metal and very little sections of rust. looked very good, as soon as i rinsed it started to flash rust all over there was no lag time i was flashing before i could even start to dry it ?


is this normal or how to i prevent or stop the flash rust ??

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