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polished chrome rails with joints


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I bought a complete replacement set of chrome rails (luggage, trunk/saddlebag bumper, front fender, etc) for a Goldwing motorcycle to replace ones which began rusting at  the welded joints. I want to use this product to seal the microscopic pores/pinholes in the chrome and ask what is the best application method -- spray gun, brush, pad...

Also, is there any special prep instructions for applying this product on polished chrome...your published instructions are very general.

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DiamondFinish Clear is used to clear and seal up chrome all of the time.

As with any paint, spraying is always best, but the brush marks do flow out as well.

As for preparation, clean the chrome with KBS Klean at a dilution rate of 10 to 1 with warm water (10% strength) with the use of a soft non-abrasive cleaning pad. Allow the surface to completely dry and then apply the DiamondFinish Clear. Directions for the application of DiamondFinish Clear can be found HERE.

I know you said the directions are very general, so please ask the specific questions that you have and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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OK, here are my specific questions...

!. you state that spray is the best application method...can I use your Pre-Val spray guns or would I need an expensive system?? This is a one off garage project so I'd prefer not to go broke buying a compressor, hose, gun, etc. If I do use your Pre-Val spray guns how much should I thin the material.

2. I can not find an NIOSH fact sheet for this product...so what respirator do you suggest - would an N95 rating work?? 

3. The project is not large but does include a lot of small pieces and will be done in stages...should I buy several small pints or one large gallon??

4. how many coats would you suggest...and should I use adhesion promoter?? 

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1) Pre-Vals are primarily designed for touch up, but with some practice, I am sure you could make it work for cosmetic work. You will want to thin DiamondFinish Clear 30% with KBS #1 Thinner and work on a test piece first as you are getting used to getting the Pre-Val to work for you.

2) Yes, N95 will work with an air supplied respirator (if indoors).

3) It is always better to buy smaller cans and always minimize the amount of time that the product is exposed to the air. Meaning, get in and get out quickly. Always remember to put plastic in between the can and the lid.

4) 2-3 coats should be great. We do not sell an adhesion promoter because the DiamondFinish Clear is formulated with the adhesion promoter in it and is a direct to metal clear coat.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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