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Still a bit of rust ledt


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Hi, I am using the motorcycle tank sealer kit, I have used the awuaclean, poured it out and flushed the tank and poured it back in the wash again, each time about an hour soaking 20 minutes per side.

I then waited for the tank to dry then used the rust blast, twice, each time about an hour worth of shaking and soaking. It has worked well, about 95% of rust is gone but I can still see some specs here and there, I'm not sure if soaking or whatever will get rid of it.

Can I proceed with the sealer? Or should I use the rust blast again? I know some people soak it for 24 hours but won't that mean some rust blast will dry?

Anyway tank is rinsed and waiting to dry not sure if I can proceed with the sealer or not


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