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Just finished my truck floor as per your instructions. I have bubbling in a few areas which I think happened only when I applied second coat. I will lightly sand smooth and repaint. Product seems great. Really solid finish in all other areas. The problem areas were most likely due to improper finishing by me.

I would like to apply a third coat. Does it matter much if I do a third coat after the the cure?


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Yes, you can apply a third coat of RustSeal.  All you have to do is lightly scuff the cured RustSeal and you can apply an additional coat of RustSeal.

Usually bubbling is caused because the first coat of RustSeal was not cured enough before you applied the second coat of RustSeal, OR you applied the second coat of RustSeal too thick.  For more helpful tips to avoid common issues, please check out our Fix-It Guide here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/fix-it-guide-rustseal.html

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