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using fillers over rustseal


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Hello sirs.

I have a repair that will require fiberglas paste and/or plastic filler that I wish to treat first w/the 3 step system. I understand you recommend fillers to be applied 4-12 hrs after the 2nd coat of rustseal.

My question is when leveling the first coat of filler a coarse grit sandpaper will be used, and obviously will be scratching into a rustseal treated area during the leveling process. How am I to sand (level) my filler without damaging the rustseal treated area? I'm a little unclear on this.

One would think you would apply your fillers after the rustblast, before using rustseal. Please elaborate. Thank you

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RustSeal (http://www.kbs-coatings.com/rustseal.html) always works best when applied to the substrate because the RustSeal isolates the substrate from the moisture. So, you will want to get two coats of RustSeal down on the substrate before you do your body work. It would be best to get enough filler on the surface to prevent you from getting down to the RustSeal and scratching it off. You could also apply another coat or two of RustSeal over the top of your body filler.

Please let us know if this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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I'm not talking about having an inadequate amount of filler. I'm talking about leveling the filler, which consists of moving from A side of the filler (rustseal), over the filler, to B side of the filler (rustseal) w/a grinder to level it. Same if you were to use an airfile. You start and end up on a level surface through leveling stroke.

I get that it needs to remain the barrier to seal out moisture. I don't know how one can sand bodywork on top of rustseal without scratching it all to hell. I guess I will be traveling to uncharted territory.

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The application of body filler over RustSeal is a very common application done by people every day, so I am sure you will be able to do your body work over the RustSeal and leave the integrity of the RustSeal intact. Scratching the RustSeal is fine. You just want to be sure that the integrity stays intact.

Have you seen the Trunk and Floorpan Kit Directions? They explain the process of body filler and RustSeal is more detail. Have a look when you get a chance: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/trunk-and-floorpan-repair-kit-directions.html

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Fully cured and scuffed RustSeal will not react with any body fillers on the market. If you have a specific brand, please share and we can advise more specifically


KBS Premium Body Filler is polyester reinforced and designed for light filling and finishing. KBS Premium Body Filler features a smooth formula that facilitates excellent spreading, reducing sanding time and eliminating the need for finishing glaze. KBS Premium Body Filler is lightweight, fast drying, and works incredibly well over RustSeal.

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