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Looking for a thicker tank sealer

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I've used the tank sealing process on snowmobile tanks mostly with success. However, I do get some tanks that have more pin holes than others which have not completely sealed. I've seen other sealed tanks with liners that look thick and heavy. Does KBS offer a thicker tank sealer than the standard liquid offered? These tanks are rectangle and easy to rotate and drain, so I am not worried about puddling.

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We do not have a thicker and heavier coating.

We recommend patching the exterior of the tank first and then using the System to Seal the inside of the Tank.


Use KBS BackBone Reinforcing Mesh for exterior repair of pinholes or weld seams. Prior to patching, prep the outside and inside of the tank by using AquaKlean and RustBlast and allow all surfaces to dry completely. Begin by sealing the inside of the tank as outlined above. After sealing, immediately use any remaining Sealer to paint a thin layer on the exterior pinhole area(s). Using a suitably sized piece of BackBone Mesh, embed it directly into the wet Sealer and apply another thin coat of Sealer painting outward from the center. Let cure.

For exterior patching of holes that are larger than pinholes, use KBS NuMetal Epoxy Putty. Clean & prep the inside and outside of the tank using AquaKlean & RustBlast as stated above. Let dry. Scuff up area to be patched with 320 grit sandpaper then follow NuMetal application instructions. (NOTE: Allow NuMetal to cure for 12 hours before proceeding with sealing the inside of the tank.) After sealing & draining the inside of the tank, immediately use any remaining Sealer to paint a thin coating on the exterior patched area for reinforced coverage.

You can find complete instructions for the Gold Standard Gas Tank Sealer here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/Gold-Standard-Tank-Sealer-Information-Instructions_ep_39-1.html

You can also find the Fix-It Guide which will help you quickly identify the causes of and the recommended solutions for the most common issues that could occur with Tank Sealer here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/fix-it-guide-tank-sealer.html

You can also find Instructional Videos here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/KBS-Videos_ep_90-1.html

You can also find Tank Sealer Flow Charts here: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/Flow-Chart--Tank-Sealer_ep_88-1.html

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