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small air bubles in runs


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first of all i have had great success with most products used from KBS

the biggest issue i have been having is that i get alot of runs in some irregualr shaped parts im sure i can avoid that by brushing it on alot thinner and not as heavy

the opther thing is that i see alot of air bubles of some sort on few areas of the material after dried.

what causes this? needs to be stired more? thined out or reduced?

its making my restoration look of poor quality when its really not, please give me some input on this so i can correct the problem.

i can include pictures if needwed.

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As always, pictures help but, it sounds like you're just applying the RustSeal a little too heavy. As with most all paints, they are best applied in multiple thin coats and not heavy coats as you'll have varying rates of curing. When applied thin, the film thickness cures through and through all at once. You can allow these areas to cure completely sand them smooth and reapply another coat. Also a few questions:

What color are you using?

What's the temperature and/or humidity where you are?

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I am having the same problem and I think it must be temperature, humidity, and thickness (User error and picky product). I am going to try again. I did not know there would be such a learning curve with this stuff. So far I am not impressed with the trouble you have to go through just to get a bubble coated finish. (Followed all prep steps) Rattle cans may not last as long but they sure are a lot easier and cost effective. I am not giving up yet but I am not sold yet. I live in TX and it is hot and humid most of the time. I guess I can forget about spraying outside in June. Yesterday was 97 and the humidity was high. I am painting inside wearing a respirator under an A/C last night with a brush. I spread the paint as thin as thin can be. When turning off the light to go in the bubbles were there in the film. I expect them to be there when I get home tonight. I hope not but so far that is how it is going with this stuff.

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