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Rust Blast 'flash rust', Rust Seal & BlackTop Results


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I had the same 'flash rust' issue as some others. On my '68 C-10 frame, I spent a few months sandblasting it. It was completely bare steel. I AquaKlean'd and RustBlast'd it just to be sure I killed any slight rust and greasy hand prints from handling it. Well, I thought I screwed up bigtime. After RustBlasting it and drying it in the sun and w/ compressed air, it had dark grey and goldish streaks all over it. But I wasn't about to spend another 3 months eating sand.

Well, the RustSeal directions say you can go over rust and this was nothing so I went for it. I brushed on one coat of RustSeal and it laid out very nicely. I figured one coat should be fine since it coated 95+% and I was Blacktopping too. I then sprayed on one med. coat of Blacktop, reduced by 10% w/ #1, to get it to lay out. Man, did it ever! It looks awesome! Ridiculously glossy! I can't believe how far it went: 1/2 qt. of RustSeal and just over 1/2 qt. of BlackTop to do the entire frame, inside and out, top and bottom!

No issues I can see with bubbling or anything like that. I can even see the camera I used to take pics of it in the crossmember! Awesome stuff!

Next up is the frame on my daily driver to beat the MI winters!

Sorry for being so windy but I had to convey this to those that see the same issues.

Amazing stuff!

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