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Rust Blast Query


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Hi I just used Rust blast for the firest time in some freshly sandblasted car patch panels. I followed the instructions to the letter, with the exception of Aquaclean as it says it isn't required on freshly blasted metal. Now I have some areas that have the white residue, some areas that look as they did before (although a darker shade of grey) and some areas of brown which I am guessing is flash rust. It does in fact look exactly like the ***-** example on the website comparison. Is it better to agitate the rustbast with a bristle brush or similar (I just painted it on with a paint brush). I am not comfortable simply painting the Rust seal over this flash rust, as it is worse than when I started. Any ideas? Cheers, James.

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James, as the directions state, neither KBS Klean nor RustBlast is needed after sandblasting. The sandblasting manages to clean and abrade the surface for excellent RustSeal adhesion. You can reapply the RustBlast now keeping it wet for 15 minutes or longer as desired, and you can use something such as a scotch-brite pad to scour the surface. Immediately rinse with water, and immediately dry the surface with a clean dry cloth and/or compressed air. Drying the surface off helps to keep the moisture from just sitting on the substrate and the beginning of flash rust. Then let the surface air dry very well before painting.


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RustBlast leaves behind a light zinc phosphate coating (dust) which is white in color. If it is humid, the surface can product some flash rust. That flash rust (which is light brown) mixes with the zinc phosphate (which is white) and produces what looks like a lot of flash rust when it is in reality a small amount of flash rust mixed with the zinc phosphate which aids in the adhesion of the Tank Sealer.

As long as you did indeed rinse the RustBlast with water and the surface is now 100% bone dry, you are set to proceed to the Tank Sealer Step.

Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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