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Blisters in Tank Sealer


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I really hate to say this but I am having problems with the coating in my motorcycle tank. Im really bummed out. I thought I did it perfect. I had the motorcycle tank perfectly clean with the aqua clean and the rust blast. Then I took a hair dryer and actually let it blow through the fill hole and vent out the hole where the pet cock mounts for over 3 hours. The tank was BONE DRY. I used a very bright flashlight to verify no water. I let it cure for over a week. Actually more like 10 days. I filled the tank and rode it for a week. I thought everything was great until I went to fill up today. My stomach sank. There are huge blisters at the bottom of the tank. I thought it may have been an optical illusion with the gas being in it and the light shining in the tank. So I get a flashlight and shine it to the bottom looking through the gas. Sure enough, HUGE blisters. I still didnt believe it so I straightened a coat hanger to poke the blister and I did poke it and it broke through. It was not soft, it was pretty hard coating to poke through. Do you think I can just empty the tank and just break off the big pieces???? Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I let it pool up. The coating on the sides and top of the tank seems really tough and hard. Whats the best solution? I dont mind just breaking up the blisters but Im worried it will start flaking and clog up my filter.

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It sounds like it was way too thick on the bottom. That is usually why you would get blisters.

The best solution would be to strip the tank and coat it again this time making sure you drained it really well and did not let it puddle.

With that said, you could try to break off the blisters and if you still have sealer under it, that may work.

Let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.

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