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Kawasaki Concours tank


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This tank is notoriously difficult to drain. Even with the gas tap, fuel level and main filler opening it requires much "shaking and rocking" along with pulling the last half pint or so out with a suction device like a Mighty vac.

Also, it would seem that keeping the exterior painted surfaces clear of material is going to be a significant challenge. How corrosive or paint damaging are the Aqua Kleen, Rust Blast and Sealer? What do you suggest for a suitable barrier material to keep those fluids off the paint? Or is that simply not feasible?

Having just drained my tank and having watched the instructional videos, I think the best process is to plug the gas tap and fuel level openings and just use the main filler opening to get the Aqua Kleen, Rust Blast and Sealer in and out of the tank. I would then use a suction device to get the last bit of Aqua Kleen and Rust Blast out. It seems that the Sealer is much thicker in viscosity and probably not easily suctioned out? What do you suggest?

BTW - Your product comes highly recommend by a vendor, Murphs Kits, who sells to the Concours owners.

Thanks for you time and help - it is appreciated.

Bill Buchanan

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