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How to treat seams in floor pan


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Many thanks for your reply. It's great to be able to get help with the details of this job.

Today I went looking for a clear polyurethane sealant similar to Tiger Seal. But unfortunately I couldn't find one. I live in a small town in Australia and the range is limited.

I wanted a clear sealant because I want to be able to monitor the condition of the floor pan after it is sealed. I'm using clear Rust Seal.

The only two clear sealants I could find that looked like they might be suitable are a neutral cure silicon and a neutral cure co-polymer sealant.

They both look like they might be OK except when it comes to painting over them. Of course the silicon can't be painted over and the co-polymer requires a water based paint before painting with an "oil based paint". So I'm not sure if Rust Seal can be painted over the co-polymer directly or whether it would require a water based paint first.

So I'm wondering how important is it to paint over the sealant? And do you think either of these sealant are suitable?


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