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Rust Seal in bilge?

jj gar

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Tony, I tried one pint of KBS Rust Seal just to see how it worked before taking on the whole job of paining both my engines. I was trully suprised by how well it worked. I used off white, as that's what the original color of 8-92 Detroit Diesels are. I did spend many hours in the engine room preping, but basiclly once I got to the actual painting, it was a breeze. I first sprayed it but found that brushing works so well that I opted for avoiding overspray. The paint flows out beautifully so you don't have to be too fussy. Just slop it on with one of those crappy throw away brushes and it comes out great. Some areas like where I had scraped or wire brushed to the metal I had to put on three coats. Everywhere else because I used the similar shade of white, I got away with two. Overall, I am very pleased with the KBS product. That is why I inquired about it's use in the bilge itself. Good luck.

fom JJ Gar. Aboard the M/V "The G Spot"

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