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RustBlast and Gold Colored Patches


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Received Aqua clean today & Rust Blast to get some fresh metal prepped on a Custom motorcycle Im building & just finished using both products as directed on a front fender & a set of handle bars, They were kept wet for 10-15 min with the Aqua Clean & scrubbed usung a fresh moroon Scothbrite & Rinsed, Left to dry& then treated with the Rust Blast for 10 min & then rinsed throughly & left to dry, As its drying Im getting goldish colored patches on the front fender & not the solid greyish color it shows it should be, Again this was fresh sanded metal with no rust & Im just trying to get a good surface before a Expensive Custom paint job is done, Why would it get the tarnishing instead of the nice grey etched surface it is suppose to ?? Ron

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Please keep the surface wet with the RustBlast. Do not let the RustBlast dry on the surface! This will only cause a zinc buildup. After rinsing with water, used compressed air (if possible) to blow off excess moisture. We also use a clean dry cloth to absorb the excess moisture before allowing to air dry thoroughly. This will minimize the discoloration. What temperature are you working in? In either case that "discoloration" or "flash rust" you"re seeing is perfectly fine to apply epoxy primer over. With that zinc on the surface it will bond like crazy.
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