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seal tank

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I have been helping a friend with a 1985modell Kawazaki GPZ 305. Iv painted it and we have given the bike new life. But when we got this bike the fuel tank was a mess. It had been welded on before and there was some rust along the edges. Anyway, what he did was to clean the inside with some acidstuff he buy in the local hardware shop. He washed it with this over and over until the acid coming out looked the same as when it was put in....

The we painted the tank and it looked great. Until he put gas on the tank. Its been without for 6 months and looked perfect. Only one ore maby two months with gas in it it started showing small bobbles arounf the undersde of the tank. When i take a skarp knife and stick into the bobbles its clearly small small holes in the tank. I guess this is rust witch broken trugh the steel and got open when he cleaned with acid....

So my question is what shuld i buy from u to stop the rust and get the tank closed and frre from leeks? There is some hvite stuff in there now that he used, but its clearly not working right. I realy hope u have something that will save the day. A new tank is not available anywhere it seem <img src=" title="Smile" />

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