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Re-Assurance Required

KBS Coatings

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Recnetly purchased a 40 yo English Car. The fuel tank is sound, but has some rust on the inside which clogs filters etc ... not an unusual issue.

Was searching for answers and found this posted on a forum I frequent.

.... I bought an vehicle back in '89 with the sole intent to finish the restoration, started by the DPO and sell it on. The car would barely run, in fact, stranding me on my drive of about 25 miles home, the night I picked it up. The culpret was found in the original fuel tank and when I removed it and dumped it out, what I found was massive amountsof a sandy yellow colored "plaster". The DPO had apparently used one of these tank sloshing sealants, to protect the tank. Since he used the car veryseldom, as the fuel became old, it evidently acted on the inner coating. The coating had therefore come undone and most of it was lying in the bottomof the tank, much like silt in a stream. Needless to say, after a total cleaning and removal of all the sealant, and replacing the fuel filters often, the car began to run right.

I would never use one of these products in any car I own based on this example, but I do not know the original source for the product that was in thistank and how it compares with any other on the market.

Can I be assured that your product will not end up the same after a period of time



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