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Storing unused RustSeal?


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Hi, I bought enough of the 3 chemicals planning to do two tanks - a relatively small 3 gallon motorcycle tank right now, and then a 20 gallon automotive tank in the future. I'd planned to shelve the leftover chemicals from the motorcycle job until I can get to the huge second restoration project.

However, after reading all the instructions, I'm told to use what RustSeal I need (I estimate only about a seventh of a quart) and then to let the rest of the quart harden and then discard it ??! What a waste.

I understand that the Aqua-Kleen and RustBlast probably won't be a problem to store; but I don't want to waste the RustSeal.

Question is how can I successfully store it for a year or two? Perhaps storing the remainder in a smaller paint can(s) which don't allow for any air space and also possibly putting in a little solvent to compensate for any lost when the stock can was opened?

Thanks in advance, Al

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