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Satin Black Rust Seal

KBS Coatings

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I finally got sandblasted parts back to where I could try out RustSeal Satin Black that I ordered in March. Parts were treated with phosphoric acid. New to product, I read full instructions. I stirred product until it FELT consistant, though stirrer came out virtually clear. I then poured out enough for parts being coated. Paint had virtually no pigment, even paint removed from bottom of stirrer went on barely darker than clear. Paint had no staying power and ran off like solvent with only the sheen of grey tinted glossy clear remaining.

What'd I do wrong, or did I get a bad batch? I'll try a second coat per instructions. I sure didn't expect a gloss finish and I didn't expect it to run off worse than POR 15. I also figured it would at least give some color, rather than than look like gloss finish dirty steel. What's the best way to strip this stuff off, if it doesn't work on second coat?

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