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several questions big project...entire steel bus coating


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ok... i know i am asking a ton of questions for one post. in brief the project is a 40' long galvanized steel bodied school bus i have been converting to a camper. i removed the windows and raised the roof as one piece. the 4'x8' sheets of non galvanized steel were coated with ospho and rustoleum primer and paint. i am researching protective coatings right now but can hold off the actual paint job until the weather cools (im in florida and it is too hot and humid to expect an outdoor paint job to work well).

i will be working outside with no shade, my help will be friends who volunteer, i know enough about our curent generation of paints containing isocyanates that i dont want to harm anyone and finally i have several surfaces and top coating to deal with.

i want to use your product as my final sealer, i will not be stipping the old paint but will have the surfaces ospho treated and pressure washed prior to application. the rustoleum painted surfaces may need to be stripped or at least sand down to a minimum finish thickness. the galvanized surfaces are in great shap and the original paint is thin from oxidation and time(1985 model), but doesnt flake.

the top coat for the roof needs to reflect heat, i have been thinking a product called koolseal sold cheaply in home improvement stores. koolseal is a water based product so i especially concerned that i dont inspire rust, i should be a good uv blocker once it has been applied and is rubberized so expansion/flexibility will be good. i will look into koolseal's topcoat recomendations as it does mold and absorb dirt horriblly.

due to lack of better working enviroment and lack of proper respiration equipment, i do not intend to topcoat the rest of the body in automotive paint.

i know i wont get quite as hard of a finish, but i was thinking rustoleum shopcoat, red oxide primer(no fish oil) followed by basic rustolem white and graphics of my wife's design. the rustoleum products are solvent based and recommed acetone for thinning. if i can find any one who still sells lacqour i would definately consider that instead.

could you please review my painting plan and make any recommendations you feel will help with my ultimate success. cost is a big factor, but with a project this size i know i will be spending some money. i think a 5 gallon bucket and a self feed roller will be the application method i will use for the kbs portion due to the isocyanate content. the top coats i will hvlp spray.



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