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Found 2 results

  1. I bought an old bike with aluminium tank that had sat for a long time. It had some liquid stinky gas in it and was oozing molasses looking stuff by the petcock and a couple of pin holes. I soaked in fresh gas for a couple of weeks and then soaked with simple green water for a short time (also shaking with screws & bolts inside). The inside still does not look that clean. See pictures. Further back is what looks like a thin layer of the molasses looking varnish. Will the standard KBS tank sealer kit be adequate for cleaning and sealing a tank like this? If not, what other steps should I take? I'm not planning on repainting the tank so any cleaning solvents that eat paint are not desirable.
  2. I am struggling removing everything from a failed liner. Is it necessary to get every last bit of the old sealer out prior to doing another, or will the new liner stick to areas that have a strong coating of liner already? Anyone have any suggestions?
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