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Found 2 results

  1. "I wire wheeled the entire tub, used the three stage Chassis kit Chassis Paint Kit - KBS All-In-One Chassis Kit - KBS Coatings - prewash, metal prep, then applied paint with a brush/roller,.. I painted the chassis, tub (inside & out), fenders, hood, bumpers and windshield frame.. The main thing with this type of paint is to do ALL of the prep work, however painstaking it may be, and READ the instructions twice before starting. (That advice is for any of the rust preventive sealer paints.)" -JavaTree on Jeepforum.com
  2. I have my "Rock Rails" off my Jeep Rubicon in for sandblasting. Both the outside and inside will be sandblasted. Rock rails are like 5 foot long steel triangular hollow tubes. The sand blasting can't do a great job inside of the tubes because it needs a 45 to 90 degree angle to really hit an area, thus the inside won't be down to bare metal or even close and there is a lot of rust. Thus, I am faced with sealing one end with say duct tape and pouring in the RustBlast and sealing the other end with duct tape and moving them around constantly for say an hour and letting RustBlast do it's magic. Two questions: 1) Do you think this will work? 2) How much in quantiy do you think I'll need to do two 5 foot long rock rails? If you have any ideas better than the above I'm eager to hear them ... Mike PS: These are what rock rails look like (they have plastic end caps on them in this picture which I will put back on when process is complete)
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