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  1. Roll on Bed Liner is Among the Best Ways to Protect Your Truck Bed Carrying cargo is rough on the bed of your pickup truck. Dings and dents can make the pick-up bed appear aged and worn. On top of that, scratches and abrasion can expose metal and cause rust to form. Not only can this shorten the lifespan of the truck bed, but it also looks bad and can lower the truck’s resale value. There are a few ways to protect truck beds from damage caused by carrying cargo including installation of truck bed mats and rugs and drop in bed liners. A spray on or roll on bed liner can also be put in place. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Read on to see which option is best for you. (Truck bed damaged by cargo) Truck Bed Mats and Rugs Bed mats and bed rugs are basically the same concept and are laid on the truck bed floor, with some manufacturers including pieces to protect the sides of the bed. Mats are typically made of rubber or a semi-flexible polyethylene, while rugs are often thicker and made from carpet, or polypropylene that’s covered with polyester fiber for a carpet-like effect. In comparison, mats and rugs are usually a more economical option than drop-in bed liners while they typically cost more than a do-it-yourself spray on or roll on bed liner. Both mats and rugs are available in custom sizes that are patterned to precisely fit specific truck models, as well as available in universal sizes that can be cut to fit by the installer. Among the benefits of bed mats and rugs is that they are easily installed with no preparation, other than cleaning the bed of dirt and debris. Also, they can be easily removed as needed for cleaning, storage, or replacement. Thickly padded bed rugs also have the advantage of being easy on the knees if you need to crawl around in the bed. Negatives aspects of truck bed mats and rugs include cargo may slip as the mat or rug moves around. Also, they are not be as durable as a drop-in liner, or a quality spray-on or roll on bed liner when carrying heavy loads. Other considerations are that moisture can be become trapped underneath causing rust or corrosion to form - especially in locales that use road salt. Further, products that don’t protect bed sides leave them vulnerable to damage. (Truck bed mat) Drop In Bed Liners Drop in bed liners are made from a durable rubber or plastic and typically offer a higher level of protection against dents, dings, scratches, and damage than a bed mat or rug. The liners are one piece, drop into place, protect all sides of the bed, and are held in place with an adhesive or screws. Like mats and rugs, drop in liners are available in custom sizes as well as universal sizes. Pricing is affordable and is comparable to higher quality bed mats and bed rugs. Beyond cleaning the bed of dirt and debris no special preparation is needed to install a drop in liner, and while it is more of a permanent solution, it can be removed and reinstalled if needed. Drop in liners usually offer a higher level of durability than a mat or rug, and models with a grippy surface can do a good job of keeping cargo from sliding around. Drawbacks include that water can seep through underneath the liner leading to rust and corrosion. Also, installation can be invasive if the liner is held in place with fasteners that need to be inserted into the bed. (Drop in bed liner) Spray On and Roll On Bed Liners A spray on or roll on bedliner is a permanent solution for protecting a truck bed. Spray on liners can be installed by professionals while do-it-yourself spray on and roll on bed liner kits offer a more economical option. Installation doesn’t take a lot of skill and even a novice can achieve a high quality, professional looking outcome. Most do-it-yourself kits can be sprayed on, or rolled on, as the installer sees fit. A spray on or roll on bedliner adheres to the bed surface and is typically composed of a polyurethane elastomer. As such, water doesn’t get trapped, which helps to prevent corrosion. Ensuring there is no rust or corrosion before applying is important so that the rust doesn’t continue to grow and damage the metal under the liner. Since this liner type can be applied to all interior surfaces of the bed and tailgate it provides complete protection. Additional benefits of a spray on or roll on bed liner are that it can’t crack or break as might happen with a drop in liner. Also, formulations with a rough, grippy surface helps keep cargo from sliding a round. A spray on and roll on bed liner can also dampen sound. (KBS Bed Liner can be sprayed on, brushed on or rolled on) KBS Bed Liner KBS Coatings offers KBS Bed Liner, which can be sprayed on, rolled on, or brushed on. KBS Bed Liner forms a highly durable yet flexible thick black protective coating that withstands impacts and protects against corrosion and abrasion. KBS Bed Liner is long lasting, scratch and chip resistant, and has excellent UV stability. KBS Bed Liner adheres strongly to the bed and its high traction qualities help keep cargo from sliding around. For best adhesion the bed needs to be properly prepared by scuffing the surfaces of the truck bed using medium grit sandpaper or a scouring pad. Using KBS Klean to clean the surface afterward is recommended. The surface must be clean, dry, non-glossy, and free of rust or flaking paint for the best performance. Of note, if the bed of the truck as surface rust it can be removed and neutralized using the KBS 3 Step Rust Prevention System. This system can be of benefit for installing any type of truck bed liner. As mentioned, KBS Bed Liner can be used as a spray on, brush on, or roll on bed liner. When spraying use a Schutz style spray gun or HVLP spray gun. When rolling using a 3-inch rough foam high quality and solvent resistant roller. For maximum durability, apply 2-3 coats. Always apply a thin coat of material on the first pass and then a slightly heavier coat. Allow 72 hours for full cure before placing objects on the surface. Detailed instructions can be found here. Street Trucks Magazine used KBS Bed Liner on their classic Chevrolet square body custom build. You can see the article here. Carrying cargo is rough on the bed of your pickup truck. You can extend the life of your truck bed and help retain the truck’s resale value by installing a spray on or roll on bed liner. For more information about the KBS do-it-yourself spray on, brush on, and roll on bed liner kits please contact us. We are here to help.
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