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Found 4 results

  1. I have a leading spray on chrome system. After I spray on the chrome which is silver content they have me use there special clear coat to prevent yellowing. The yellowing comes went the silver/chrome starts to oxidize. They tell me if I use just a a normal automotive clear coat that in like 3 weeks its will turn yellow even tho I applied several coats of Automotive Clear coats. My questions Your Diamond Clear coat does it completely seal what you painted or in my case just chromed that it should seal it from oxidizing. I am aware your clear wont yellow but I have the other issue in prevent the oxidation of the silver/chrome. Thanks
  2. Sir, Sorry for asking so many questions and do I appreciate all your help. I am in the middle of the first phase of using DiamondFinish to seal/protect the show chrome on my Goldwing and have a question about overlapping cured coats. Several of the larger pieces (which need to have three coats on the top, bottom, and all four sides) will need to have the coats applied using a brush. My plan is to suspend each piece about one inch above my work surface using small painter's cones and apply three coats to the bottom and four sides...then, after each is fully cured, flip and apply three coats to the top. My problem is that the edges are rounded (about a one inch radius) so to maintain the seamless mirror finish I will need to overlap the coats on the four sides. Also a problem is that, to prevent the cones from marring the bottom coats when I flip the pieces, I would need to allow them to fully cure (thinking around two to three days)...so my question is -- is it safe to apply additional coats of DiamondFinish over fully cured coats?? Do I need to sand down the area where the coats will overlap and if so...what is the finest grit I can use?? My hope is to have the pieces look as if they were dipped in liquid glass. Thanks in advance for your help with this... -mark
  3. I bought a complete replacement set of chrome rails (luggage, trunk/saddlebag bumper, front fender, etc) for a Goldwing motorcycle to replace ones which began rusting at the welded joints. I want to use this product to seal the microscopic pores/pinholes in the chrome and ask what is the best application method -- spray gun, brush, pad... Also, is there any special prep instructions for applying this product on polished chrome...your published instructions are very general.
  4. How should I prep chrome so I can apply DiamondFinish Clear over it?
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