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  1. I am looking to protect the frame and underside of the body on my jeep wrangler. I have previously used the 3 step rust seal system. Looking at your site you also have a dedicated rubberized/asphalt undercoating. Would one of these be better than the other? Or are they to be used together. I was planning to do the rust seal system with a blacktop top coat on my frame.
  2. I have galvanized steel trailer axles. Will Rust Seal adhere? What is the best way to prep galvanized metal before applying Rust Seal so it sticks.
  3. Can this product be sprayed? what quantity would be required to do a 1982 Chrysler Imperial that has been sitting in a warehouse for 11 years?
  4. TimG

    Wood Cabinets

    Can I use your Rust Seal Paint product to repaint my wood kitchen cabinets? I would be amazing to hand paint and get the smooth surface due to the self leveling properties your products have.
  5. How uv resistant is Rustseal? I have sandblasted and coated my truck frame with 3 coats of Rustseal but am looking for a very long lasting finished semi gloss look.
  6. If i were to sandblast the area before i use Rustseal would i still need to use the RustBlast and KBS Klean on the sandblasted area before i put on rustseal?
  7. suggestions or maybe a recommended procedure to top coat with a sprayable truck bedliner?
  8. i used the rust seal about 2 years ago in my engine bay only.. ive recently started to work on the car again and removed all the undercoating and did some welding so some of the rust seal burned off.. my Q is how should i go about touching up those areas? scuff it up and use the cleaner and rust blast again? then just paint those small areas? as i wana order a kit to do the entire underside of the car since it has held up to great in the bay sofar.
  9. “I am restoring a55 2nd series Chevy pick up. First I mechanically removed the heavy scale with a wire wheel. Then washed everything with KBS Klean, at a 10 to 1 mix. It worked great and cleaned all oil and grease residue,I rinsed and let it dry. Then came the RustBlast, I sprayed it on, kept the parts wet and the rust disappeared, when I was happy with the result, I rinsed and let dry. Now all part had a zinc phosphate coating. Then I applied 2 thin coats of rust seal. This stuff is tuff and dries hard and encapsulates the steel. I don't see how it could ever rust again. Great products yield
  10. Tim

    Spraying RustSeal

    Can RustSeal be sprayed by an hlvp air sprayer?
  11. “Painted control arms, springs, and entire frame, I didn't even scratch the paint off installing the coil springs which never happens.” -The Goat, Phillipsburg,KS The All-In-One Chassis Kit
  12. how does your rust seal work? does it creep into the rust and kill all of it? and can it be used as a top coat in an automotive application?
  13. RustSeal flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough ceramic-like coating that is tough to chip or scratch, and will not crack or peel. -HPC Distributions Check out the KBS Rust Prevention System HERE.
  14. "RustSeal is simple to use. Brush marks flow out awesome!" RustSeal is a superior one part, ready-to-use, high-solids content, rust preventive coating, that is actually hardened by exposure to moisture. It is impervious to road salts and most every chemical. RustSeal flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough ceramic-like coating that is tough to chip or scratch, and will not crack or peel.
  15. I would like to refinish a dual jet ski trailer and do not know how many of the system sampler kits would be needed. do you have guidance?
  16. I bought the 3 step sample kit in 2012 to do the bottom edges of the doors on my crew cab truck. The insides of the bottom edges are starting to rust. I ordered the it with the black top coat. Question one is, is this kit still good or does it have a shelf life? I have never opened it and it has been in the basement, so it has never froze. Question two is, if the sample kit is still good, can I order just a sample size can of the off white to use with my sample kit I already have instead of using the black I bought a couple years ago?
  17. Does all existing paint have to be removed prior to RustSeal?
  18. Hello, My Dad is getting a new car, and it's likely to be the last car he will have. We need the car to last for a while, and in our climate (snowy winters with road salting, rainy spring and autumns) that means corrosion protection. The car will be a Ford Focus. I assume the underside of the car and the wheel wells will have some kind of factory-applied paint or coating. We would normally take the car to a corrosion protection shop, but their treatment is not cheap and only protects for about 2 years. Would the three-product process finishing with RustSeal work well on the undersi
  19. I am restoring an old truck and would like to know can you put auto paint on top of a coat of sanded rust seal?
  20. Check out what our customers, including Willie B, had to say about KBS Coatings at SEMA 2013.
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