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  1. Is the DiamondFinish clear appropriate for wood finish?
  2. can KBS be color sanded and if it can how long should it cure before sanding? what grit of sand paper should be used?
  3. I Have A Polished Aluminum Gas Tank I Made For One Of My Projects And Need Fuel Resistance And Gloss Retention. Which Clear Should I Use?
  4. I plan to have my aluminum alloy rims sandblasted. I want to put Max top coat on them. Do I need to put Diamond finish clear for extra durability?
  5. Would diamond finish clear be safe to use on jewelry products such as pendants made from copper and brass. What would be the expected wear resistances for this product with prolonged wearing against fabric and skin?
  6. “I am a 42 y/o female who have never painted a vehicle before but after receiving prices over $10,000 for what I wanted, I did it myself with a little help from my husband. I used it on my YJ Jeep using a chameleon paint powder which was green/blue/purple. My husband bought me a spray gun for the air compressor and after wet sanding, primer and black base coats I used KBS clear gloss and added my chameleon powder and as I begin to spray you could see the color changing flake pop. The gloss sprayed very smooth which made it very easy for me. I did reduce to 70/30. Over all, after six month of r
  7. Do you have a RustSeal clear coat for previously painted metal? I have removed all paint and want to leave the natural metal unpainted.
  8. Can DiamondFinish Clear be applied over Rustoleum and similar oil based enamel products?
  9. If I want to put DiamondFinish Clear on a metal sign will it dry clear enough that I can still read the sign?
  10. We are trying to protect a large, painted wooden sign from the weather. ( The sign will be mounted on the roof of an historic building.) What type of Clear Coating would you recommend?
  11. Gunner

    UV Blocker

    Is KBS Maxx Clear a UV blocker? Will it prevent UV damage to the surface underneath?
  12. I have a rifle stock and have tryed others clear coat polyurethane etc and they are very soft and make marks easily / will this product diamond clear wook on wood and will it be scratch resistant and super hard thanks for any information
  13. I plan to seal rust with Rustseal and then add a topcoat. Will I still get delamination if I then apply DiamondFinish over the topcoat?
  14. Can DiamondFinsh Clear be used to clear coat on flooring like travertine?
  15. Customer Feedback. "I used the DiamondFinish Clear on several projects that I airbrushed to include engine covers and other under hood items. The clear was easy to spray with my spray gun when reduced with the #1 Thinner. I will use the product again without hesitation. Lays down evenly."
  16. I love your products. Can I use DiamondFinish Clear like an epoxy (resin) on my carbon fiber project? I am assuming it will work for that but I wanted to ask before I tried it.
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