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Found 21 results

  1. Where can I get the tape for sealing when preparing to seal a motorcycle tank?
  2. “My 1963 E100 pickup was from the air force so the tank had a drain plug & the holes were mostly on the top. Followed instructions, easy!” -Jeff B Grab the Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit Today!
  3. Hi, I’m using the KBS tank sealer kit. After KBS Klean, my tank looked better (last of 3 pics, still wet). After Rust Blast, rinse and dry, it looks as rusty as before (first 2 pics) and does not appear to have the white zinc phosphate coating. Am I still good to proceed to the Tank Sealer step? Thanks, Jorts
  4. “Finished my fuel tank this past weekend and all went well. I had first started with cleaning the tank and welding a few holes up in my 44 gallon aluminum tank. I do have to say that this all took a matter of weeks to complete because of proper drying and work schedule. The process was very straight forward. I couldn't believe how well the Gold Standard coated the inside of the tank with multiple baffles in the tank. I then painted the exterior with gloss black. This being in the hull of my boat never to be seen by sun again but it sure looks good. Thanks for such a great product!" -Glenn B.
  5. I have one of your tank sealer kits, can you tell me if this product has any kind of shelf life to it ??
  6. I bought a kit for my old Jaguar a couple of years ago and so far it's holding up. Now I have a tractor 10 gal tank that is making rust and I need to find out what product I need for it.
  7. can I purchase the sealer I like to put in 60 gal tank on tractor I plan to cut top out to repair the stand tube and while I am in there put sealer on just in case what I doing could case rust later could you give me price
  8. Is it ok for me to use the tank coating kit on a new tank? Thank you!
  9. My tank is leaking from the front ear when bolted to frame, seems to be pulling in ear and causing weld seam to open up and leak. I read this coating is flexible...after coating it would I be able to bolt that ear to the frame without leaking or will the pulling in that is opening some leak still leak?
  10. We are forced to use an ethanol/ gasoline blend (E-10) in California. My fishing boat has fiberglass tanks. While I see that you do not recommend your product for this application I am writing to ask if their is any history of success or another product you make that would be suitable for sealing fiberglass fuel tanks against ethanol blends of gasoline?
  11. I have a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank with a pin hole (<1/64 diameter) and some mild surface rust in the bottom 4" of the tank. Can I slosh the bottom third of the tank successfully? Or do I have to slosh the entire tank?
  12. "To whom it concerns, I purchased the 3 step coating for fuel tanks from you and I am very satisfied so far. I used your product on 2 steel fuel tanks we made 20 years ago and were getting very rusty with this fuel we get now. We followed the instructions to a tee and everything seemed to go just fine. I can shine a light in the tanks and see clearly to the bottom of them. The only thing left is how well the product will hold up and that is time. From the time on the phone ordering it until I received it was also a great experience. Thanks again for your prompt service, making sure I was ge
  13. "I am writing to let you know that I used your product in the gas tank of me 63' VW Bus and it worked great. It has been a 3 year partial restoration process and I have tried to save money along the way and do as many things myself. I could have bought a new gas tank but once I heard about the KBS product I gave it a try. I have to admit I was hesitant to put gas in it at first after the engine was rebuilt but there have been no issues at all." -Jeff N Tank Sealer Kits: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/tank-sealers.html
  14. I have a 40-gal tank that needs to have the interior coating stripped, prep'd, and coated. Do you have a kit that contains the stripper to remove the factory coating? Do you have a video of the process? This is a 2001 ford 7.3L diesel F-450 truck.
  15. Is the Tank Sealer resistant to biodiesel? Can I use biodiesel in my tank that has been sealed with KBS Tank Sealer?
  16. Recently, I purchased the KBS Cycle Sealing kit. I have applied KBS Klean and RustBlast as directed to a rusty motorcycle gas tank. The products removed approximately 85% of the deposits from the metal. However, two 2-3" strips of rust still remain in the bottom of the tank after repeated applications. Would applying the seal now allow it to properly adhere over these rusty areas, or should these significantly rusted areas be treated further before the sealant is applied?
  17. Is it possible to apply a second coat of sealer to my fuel tank. It is a big, 35 gallon cylindrical marine galvanized tank and I bought the 25 gal kit plus an extra pint can of sealer for the job. just applied the sealer yesterday and was wondering it it was possible or advisable to apply a second coat just to be on the safe side. The tank will be reinstalled below deck on my boat and I had to remove the exhaust manifold to get it out. Just want to be sure it will never have another pin hole leak because of rust and the gas we have to use nowadays
  18. Will KBS Klean harm the paint on the outside of my gas tank when I am using it to prep for the Tank Sealer?
  19. Hi there, I have just emptied the gas tank of Gold Seal Gas Tank Sealer and was surprised to see the silver liquid began foaming and bubbling eventually overflowing the can. I bought the system a year ago and have just got around to using it. I did the preparation 4 days ago and left the tank to dry for 3 days. A little fluid came out of the tank when I was checking it before applying the last stage and so I heated the tank internally by using a hot air blower as shown on the video. The tank did become quite hot and I rotated it to ensure all of the water was evaporated. The tank was left fo
  20. I coated a bike tank last year and this year I am sending the tank out for powder coating. My question is how will the tank sealer hold up. The tech told me the tank will be heated to 400 degrees. I'm concerned that I will have to remove the lining job I did last year.
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