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  1. Fusion from a can differs from aerosol in color. Can content is dark mustard, whereas aerosol - pure grey. Since grey is in the description, does this mean a product from the can is expired or should not be used for any other reasons?
  2. Zander

    Surface Drying

    Would spraying the surface with water soluble and more volatile substance like Isopropanol after KBS Klean has been rinsed be an option?
  3. What would be the best approach to drying the surface after KBS Klean is washed out? The surface is known to lose its energy fast, at the same time it must be dry. So the longer the drying time, the less surface energy remains. Are there any methods beside heating it up?
  4. Manual reads Fusion can be applied directly over Rust Seal after 24 hours, but also mentions for older coatings sanding is required. After what time Rust Seal is considered too old for the direct Fusion application ?
  5. Fusion is hardly compatible with the Top coater aerosol, is there a way to avoid sanding and etch directly into Top coater to apply additional layers ?
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