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  1. Ok i will see what sanding it to the primer looks like. Ill try 3 or 4 even lighter coats thankyou
  2. Ok i feel the coats were very light 1st coat didnt cover and 2nd was better but could still see primer faintly in some spots after 2nd coat. i used a small touch up gun with a 1.3 tip so i wouldnt dump a ton of material on it. Also i waited 8hrs between the coats white. Would it be better to sandblast then and start from scratch?
  3. So i just painted my headers a few weeks back they looked awesome and after the first time letting it run to fill up my new radiator the paint started to bubble and then flake off. I did everything as the instructions said sandblasted, cleaned with reduced kbs cleaner, dried with compressed air, 2 light coats of aerosol primer, waited about 10hrs or more then 2 light coats of pure white, baked in a welding rod oven at 350 for half hour. I even took the precaution of letting them sit for a week before i put them on the motor and only ran it for a few seconds 2 or three times to give it a good heat cycle before i actually ran it. Primer looks fine under the paint, should i have scuffed the primer? I included a before picture and will take a picture later of what it looks like now.
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