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  1. Ok, thank you. I think the ladders are pine and I heard exposed pine only lasts about a year outside normally but if DiamondFinish Clear can protect it by itself, that sounds great. Just didn't want to get super expensive water sealer but have them still fall apart from neglecting UV issue a year later. But you think they will last at least a few years with only sealing with DiamondFinish Clear? Thank you!
  2. The wood is not currently sealed. I read UV goes through DiamondFinish Clear and UV will eat the wood. My question is what I could apply before using DiamondFinish Clear to protect the wood against UV. I'm trying to have it still look like wood when finished. Is there an (inexpensive and/or commonly available?) solution for a clear UV protective layer to use under DiamondFinish Clear as the final waterproofing layer? Sorry I don't know much about these things and may be using the wrong terms like saying sealer instead of varnish, stain, etc. ...Or would KBS
  3. Hi, I am making some small wood ladders that need to remain partially submerged in fresh water and will be outdoors in the sun. I would like to have clear coat UV protection for the wood before applying DiamondFinish Clear but don't see any of your products that look appropriate. What would you recommend? Thank you!
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