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Larry Craig

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  1. Perfect, my order from you included the KBS Klean, Fusion, and Thinner so I can spray it. So I don't have to worry about the flash rust as long as I wipe it down with the KBS Klean and a scotch bright pad? I appreciate the response.
  2. Hello, I had my car blasted yesterday by the people from Dustless Blasting. It looks great and they used some 'rust inhibitor' they said. But there is flash rusting in some areas. So I have two questions. Is there 'rust inhibitor' going to be a problem? I bought the KBS Kleen product as well, but I am trying to get this right the first time. So specifically my two questions are: Can the Fusion be applied over some flash rusting and will it seal it and adhere properly? Do I need to use the KBS Kleen on the metal first, and does it require I scub until some specific point? Ok, so lets make it three questions: Are there any restrictions on what I put over this stuff. My intention is white epoxy primer followed by a color coat? Thanks a million
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