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  1. So to repeat back, spray first coat, wait to dry to the touch before the second coat....usually 2-4 hours temp and humidity dependent. My shop conditions are 70 degrees with 25% humidity, so we should see dry to touch within the time specified. Thanks for your prompt reply and support. I have never had a KBS Coating product disappoint me if applied correctly, I'm excited about coating the polished aluminum trim for our 1978 Ford Truck. This is a full restoration project with all the anodized aluminum trim removed, stripped of anodizing, polished to bright chrome look, cleaned and ready to coat with Diamond Clear. Thanks Again
  2. the TDS states to clean with 4% KBS Kleen and 2 thin coats, yet doesn't state the flash or dry times between the initial coats. What is the dry time between first and second initial coats? Thanks PS I'm using an HVLP gravity feed spray gun for application.
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