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  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your customer service is simply amazing, both here on the forum & via email. And from all accounts your products are as well. Thank you so much. We already ordered 4 pints because I was having a bad-math day. We'll be hitting you up for the remaining gallon + thinner next week! 👍
  2. Greetings! Many questions so please bear with me. We'll be using KBS to coat the partially-rusted interior floor (galvanized) of a school bus. We also wish to use KBS & fiberglass mesh to seal bolt / screw holes in the floor. 1) I've read 1 gallon is good for 2 coats & 200 sq ft. Is this correct? We plan on 4 coats, so for our 150 sq ft, I figured 1.5 gallons would be about right. 2) We have many old bolt/screw holes to fill using fiberglass mesh. Smaller holes ~2mm diameter, larger holes ~10mm. Would you recommend we lay down the fiberglass on first coating and then just lay down successive coats as usual, or should we patch and coat the holes as a separate step entirely? If as a separate step, would it be better to patch holes first, or coat first? 3) Because it's a bus, I hope apply most of the kbs with a roller. is this OK, and if so, what composition & nap of roller should I use? 4) Because it's a bus, it's going to be difficult if not impossible to lay down 2nd+ coats w/o walking on prior work. Assuming clean feet (painters booties) will this damage the prior coat? Or should I do 1/2 the bus, wait for full cure, and then the other? 5) We've already ospho'd the floor about a month ago after a vigorous cleaning & wire brushing. Your instructions say to clean/degrease the surface first, then use your brand of rust converter, and rinse. Would it hurt if I reversed the steps? For example, I was planning to 1) re-wet the floor with ospho and scrub, 2) rinse thoroughly with clean water, 3) knock the whole thing down again w/ 80 DA, 4) use your cleaner / degreaser, 5) rinse again, & dry thoroughly, and then 6) apply KBS. Will this work?
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