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  1. Eric

    2001 F-250

    Although not our truck, it is very much like this image, very stock; http://masbukti.com/ford/ford-f250/2001-ford-f250/1 Thank you very much for the replies so far.
  2. Eric

    2001 F-250

    So, 100ft for the F-250, got it. Do we need the Rust Blast or the #1 Thinner that comes in the other kits? The F-250 only 42,000 original miles, but it is a 2001. Do we need those other two items because of the age?
  3. Hello all. I'm very new to this. I need to order a kit to the the underside of our 2001 F-250. It's the extended cab with an 8ft bed. What item would I need to order? I was told we need the entire kit. Thank you.
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