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  1. 1) This was done after the entire heating process and cooling down and left for days. I thought it hardened and would be tough. Then I wanted to custom paint a small portion so i naturally i cleaned the area by degreasing and thats when the paint came off. 2) I waited for a whole hour between light coats. 3) I waited 20 hours before heat treatment. 4) I used the aeresol version. 5) I did light the first coat and slightly heavier on the second. 6) 350F 7) 30 minutes Is it being applied too heavy?
  2. Hey KBS, So more questions as I'm trying to fix the paint. After I did the oven curing temperature and all, a few days later when I try to touch up the paint again, I rubbed some denatured alcohol to clean the surface and basically all the paint was removed to the bare metal if I kept scrubbing on it. Is the paint suppose to come off so easily after the curing and proper steps?
  3. Hey KBS, After I aerosol zinc sprayed the caliper with two coats, followed by two coats of jet black. With the 15-30 minutes in between. But when i placed it on a tray to put in the oven, the contact point kind of chipped the paint off after baking. Do you have any advice? Do you think the metal tray is transferring too much heat?
  4. I went with a round 2 painting 2 layers of rust seal and 1 layer of top coater. For the rop coater, I gradually thinned the mixture until around 20% then it came it really well. Pics for reference Don't pay attention to the cracked paint, haha my mistake for not prepping the original paint more, but this cosmetic won't matter since this is a crash bar support.
  5. I thinned the top coater white with about 10% kbs thinner and painted out my hplv gun. The spray pattern was a little thick like small fabric thread looking paint. See the picture for an up close view. I was wondering is this the intended outcome or is it suppose to be smooth?
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