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  1. FrankV

    existing paint

    Can rustseal be applied over existing painted items (assuming they have been cleaned and prepped like the rusted areas)? Or do I need to sand-blast the entire unit?
  2. You can try it, however BlackTop is a moisture cured coating and any moisture content in the flattening agent may cause the BlackTop to cure too quickly. I would try a test sample first to see if it already is flat enough for you.
  3. Can I use a flattening base in the BlackTop to create the flatness that I am after??? Will the flattening base affect the Blacktop??
  4. That's hard to say without testing first. Any primer will bond before RustSeal cures completely (usually within the 3rd to 10th hour after application).
  5. Can I use self etching primers made by other manufacturers on the rust seal and will they adhere properly??
  6. If the RustSeal has cured do I need to sand it down before applying another brand etch primer??
  7. Water tight? Yes Air tight? Yes Solvent proof?? Here is a chemical resistance guide: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/RustSeal-Chemical-Resistance-Guide_ep_49-1.html If you still have questions about your specific solvent, please let us know.
  8. When RustSeal is fully cured, is it: Water tight? Air tight? Solvent proof??
  9. I am going to be doing the entire cab and bed of my truck with RustSeal and was wondering if there is any difference in these two colors or do they work the same? Does the silver have added metal in it to help with rust and pitting or any other added benefits? I am going to be using the "satin" BlackTop paint over the RustSeal in areas that will not be covered with carpeting. Will the "satin" BlackTop paint cover and work over the "silver" RustSeal, or do you suggest using the "satin" colored Rustseal as a bottom base instead? Sorry for the rambling, but thanks for any help you can suggest
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