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  1. aloechler

    not curing

    16 hours for the first coat to setup and not show a finger print, but was still able to dent it with finger nail 24 hours for the second coat to setup in the same way third coat of blacktop was fine, it appears to have turned out well. it makes things difficult because the coats need to be laid down before the previous cures all the way... I'm impressed with the coating in general but the dependence of humidity is difficult to manage.
  2. aloechler

    not curing

    I prepared my metal by sandblasting it, it was very clean and had a good dull sheen. I stirred the can for a couple of mins and made sure it was very well mixed. painted a light coat and it's now been 8 hours and it's still tacking and I can leave a print. I do live in a cold climate and indoor RH is 30% so it is very dry. am I screwed and now my parts are junk? will it ever cure?
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