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  1. The aluminum is unfinished, I will use the same finish on the seat post which are slightly oxidized. Do I need to do any special prep? Should I use the primer that come with the rust seal kit, or ??
  2. No, I need a good tough protective finish that is going to hold up to a marine environment. The finish should be a white, off white, maybe a grey. see the boat below. its off white.
  3. I picked up a Dolphin Tee Top a few months ago. Its the original model. The factory finish is brushed AL. It in very good condition, with no corrosion, but that bushed finish with water spots looks like crap. I want to refinish it. I'm going to mount it on my Outrage. It's not one piece, bolts together. What do you recommend? I have used you kits to finish or refinish a couple of fuel tanks, but they are not visible or exposed to UV light. Karl
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