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  1. It was not fusion primer, it was another self etching primer. We have used it in the past on flat surfaces without an issue but the diamond plate has been a challenge. We are applying rust seal in thin coats but perhaps maybe not thin enough. Would I be better off spraying it on with a hvlp gun?
  2. It was new steel so we started off by cleaning it twice with KBS Klean. I know from previous experience that it needs to be perfectly clean to work properly. After cleaning and drying we primed with a self etching primer and waited at least 30 minutes per the instructions on the can. Then we proceeded to apply the rust seal with a brush.
  3. When trying to coat steel tread plate with Rust Seal we are running into a problem where the self leveling properties of the coating prevent the edges of the diamonds from being coated. Is there a trick to this?
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