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  1. Thanks for your inputs. I will try this over the course of the next couple of weeks and try to remember to post the results here.
  2. I sealed the inside of the tank. My posting was incorrect (went back and checked) - I used Tank Sealer, as you suggest. Thanks for your prompt response. and looking forward to your help with this.
  3. I coated a motorcycle tank with Rust Seal and am mostly happy with it, but I have a couple of areas of rust definitely showing through the coating. The coating appears to be adhering well, and there are no blisters or peeling, but there is definitely rust coming through where perhaps the coating is thin. The tank has fuel in it, but I can see the rust forming in the bottom. What can I do to fix this? Can I clean the tank again, use Rust Blast and then put more Rust Seal on it, or do I need to strip the RustSeal and start over (hoping to just recoat, not strip and recoat). Please help. Thanks
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